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Residential Cleaner


Employment Opportunity


$13 per hour


Spencer, The Brookfields, Leicester, Auburn, Charlton, Holand, Wales and Brimfield

Job Information

I am looking for someone who is mature/responsible/teachable and with a strong work ethic, to join my company cleaning for residential/businesses. If you reside in one of the areas listed above, please call or e-mail for more information. Qualifications are; have your own vehicle, cleaning experience (helpful though not required), personable, organized, punctual and a problem solver. This is a permanent part-time position with potential to move into management. Start time is 8:50a. Could be perfect mother’s hours. All qualified employees start at $13.00 per hour. Raise PTO (paid time off) available after 90 days. We do withhold taxes. Please fill out the application provided below and e-mail your qualifications/resume along with it.